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Online crypto casinos have become the next big thing in Norway. Crypto casinos can give you many benefits. An online casino that accepts crypto payments can offer you a safe space. Bitcoin gambling platforms can provide you with privacy. Meanwhile, Norway has one of the most regulated online casino markets. It has taken strict measures to check and tax gambling. Its goal is to generate revenue and stop illegal gambling. What caused the rise in crypto casinos in Norway? Are there any benefits? This article will provide answers to these questions.

Bitcoin Casinos Norway
Bitcoin Casinos Norway

History of gambling in Norway

It is legal to gamble at parties in Norway as long as it is not a gambling business. However, games offered by Norsk Tipping are legal. Meanwhile, as of January 2019, you must be 18 years of age or older to play at crypto casinos in Norway.

Generally, every other form of online gambling is illegal in Norway. In fact, the government is looking to stop foreign firms from operating in Norway. All the more so, in June 2010, Norway passed a law. The law ensures that all banks prevent customers from using credit and debit cards to gamble. This law applies to online casinos in Norway and around the world. Norwegians must also declare their tax winnings.

The state of cryptocurrency in Norway

Crypto is legal in Norway. The government recognizes it as an asset class. Although Norway is forward-thinking in crypto, the central bank does not recommend it. Instead, it upholds fiat and other government-recognized securities. However, you must declare your crypto assets when filing your annual tax returns. You will make profits or losses when you buy or sell crypto to play at crypto casino sites. This is because crypto is taxed in Norway.

Online crypto casino sites are not legal in Norway

Norway does not allow operators to work without the necessary license. All gambling houses must get a permit from the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority. The NGFA monitors Norway’s private and state-run operators. It can revoke their license and even impose sanctions. There are no land-based crypto casinos in Norway.

Meanwhile, slot machines are illegal, and terminal casinos are partially restricted. Moreover, only the state-owned Norsk Tipping can provide online gambling. Also, Bitcoin casinos are not legal in Norway. However, the government will not stop you from playing crypto games at online casinos. You can play at offshore crypto casinos for many reasons.

Crypto casinos in Norway are the solution

Online casinos that support crypto payments are the best option. These types of casinos can offer you privacy. Because of the decentralized nature of the blockchain, casinos that support crypto can give you security. Moreover, online casinos that support crypto can provide you with control over your money. Furthermore, the government cannot block your payments because it cannot monitor crypto casinos.

When the government realized that people were playing at offshore crypto casinos, it ordered banks to stop accepting payments from foreign online casinos. It went after credit card and e-wallet providers next. Advertising foreign crypto casinos in Norway became unlawful. These actions only made online casinos more popular in Norway. It made people look for safer ways to play at crypto gambling houses.

The rise of crypto casinos in Norway

Online crypto-based casinos have grown recently in Norway. Before this boom, Norway had seven casinos operating in different cities. COVID-19 contributed to an increase in online crypto games. It stopped people from moving around and gathering in public. The situation also made it difficult for people to visit land-based casinos in Norway. Hence, people in Norway started to play at online casinos.

Furthermore, Norway will allow you to gamble only in online casinos run by Norsk Tipping. But Norsk Tipping does not offer great odds. As a result, people in Norway began to play at offshore online casinos. Although Norway strictly regulates online crypto casinos, it does not ban them. Because of this, people started to look for safer ways to play at online crypto casinos in Norway. They began to play at offshore online casinos that support crypto payments.

What are the benefits of crypto casinos in Norway?

Crypto can help you make money from gambling if you live in a country with strict regulations. Norway is one such country. Norwegians can play at offshore crypto casino sites because Norway allows crypto payments. You do not have to worry about the government’s restrictions when playing at this casino.

People in Norway only need to open an account at online sites that support crypto gambling. Firstly, you have to buy crypto to start playing crypto games. You can get cryptocurrency through Skrill or PayPal and deposit it in your online casino account. Note that the sites that sell crypto have different fees. Some charge less than others. Let us discuss more benefits below.

Government cannot regulate online crypto casinos

Crypto is not legal in some countries because it cannot be regulated. It means the government cannot handle online casinos that support cryptocurrency payments. Using such casinos will keep the government off your back. Crypto casino sites are ideal for places like Norway, where only Norsk Tipping runs online casinos.

Norway cannot monitor crypto transactions easily. It means you can stake as much as you like. You can get any value you want for each bet you place. The government cannot control you if you own cryptocurrency. Neither can it monitor how you spend crypto. It is a relief for you if you live in Norway because you can now use crypto to stake. Since the government cannot control the market, crypto casinos in Norway will continue to grow.

Removes intermediaries

No one enjoys paying high fees on their online casino accounts. The fiat payment models used by online casinos come with increased costs because of the many intermediaries. These intermediaries can be e-wallets, banks, or card providers. Crypto payments remove these intermediaries. You would not have to worry about high payment fees when playing at crypto casino sites.

Although crypto payments are not free, they charge low rates per payment. Sometimes, miners must verify these payments before they can go through. For example, BTC miners must verify all payments done in Bitcoin before they can go through. You will pay a small fee to incentivize miners to play at Bitcoin casinos. Sometimes the transaction fee can be as little as 1% of the payment or deposit you are processing.


Crypto games will be ideal if you do not want the government to monitor you. When you play in traditional online casinos, you make payments in fiat. The government can track your payments made in fiat. It can also know when you make deposits into your account or withdraw your winnings. However, you will be anonymous if you play at casinos that support crypto because of privacy.

The government cannot track crypto payments. Hence, you can deposit or withdraw from your Bitcoin casino account without the knowledge of the government. Your basic information will not be collected by crypto casinos. Even if the authorities can track your payments, they will not know who is behind them.

Bigger bonuses

Playing at Bitcoin casinos can give you access to bigger bonuses. Traditional online casinos that support fiat payments are different. When you sign up for some crypto casinos, you will get a 100 per cent bonus. Playing games at casinos that support crypto typically ensures you get at least 5 BTC in bonuses.

For example, consider when the value of BTC was $40,000. You will see that it is possible to receive a reward of €200,000. Most of the online casinos in Norway give high bonuses. However, you cannot compare it to what Bitcoin casinos offer. The higher the token you stake, the bigger your winning bonus, which is an advantage.

It allows you to save on taxes

Norway has state-run online casinos. It regulates online gambling and generates revenue from the sector. Norsk Tipping is guilty of giving gamers poor odds. In turn, gamblers have to stake more to win big. Consequently, it means Norsk Tipping makes a lot of money from online casinos. The company gives most of its earnings to the government. But crypto games are different.

Casinos that support crypto can give you privacy. The government cannot monitor you when you play crypto games. It means people in Norway can save on taxes because of their anonymity. You can always gamble with better odds than what Norsk Tipping offers.

Crypto can gain value over time

Cryptocurrency can gain value over time. If you win crypto at Bitcoin casinos, you can hold them. The value of your coins can grow when you keep them. It will allow you to earn more from casinos that support crypto. Therefore, you can still make money without winning games.

You will have more funds to play crypto games when you place higher bets. Crypto is highly volatile. It is either its value increases or its value drops. To manage this situation, you must keep up with crypto prices. You will know when your winnings have gained value when you stay current.


Crypto casinos in Norway will continue to gain popularity. Mainly, it is because casinos that support crypto have many benefits. These platforms offer huge bonuses and privacy. It will allow you to save on taxes and remove intermediaries. To meet the demand in Norway, more casinos have started accepting crypto payments.

The future of online crypto casinos looks bright. Due to the technology’s security, it has become a suitable payment option. As long as BTC stays relevant, online casinos will become popular. To that end, do not be surprised if crypto becomes the standard payment option for online casinos.


What are the differences between crypto casinos and regular casinos?

The difference between crypto casinos and traditional online casinos is currency. Crypto can not be touched or seen. On the other hand, conventional online casinos use fiat.

What makes crypto casinos unique?

Crypto casinos can offer you privacy. Meanwhile, the government can monitor traditional casinos. Traditional online casinos use intermediaries to process payments. A casino that supports crypto does not need any middlemen. Hence, it cannot be monitored by the government.

How do crypto casinos in Norway work?

Many casinos that support crypto operate like traditional online casinos. You can deposit an initial wager via your in-house crypto wallet. Finally, casinos that allow Bitcoin payments can offer you a higher deposit bonus.

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