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As a gambler living in Hong Kong, you may wonder if you can gamble in casinos that support crypto. Are there crypto casinos in Hong Kong? If there are, how can you find them? Can you play games that support crypto in Hong Kong? Are crypto casino platforms legal in the region? We will learn about the state of gambling in Hong Kong. This content will also discuss why crypto casinos have become popular. Finally, let us discuss how to play at casinos that support crypto payments.

Bitcoin Casinos Hong Kong
Bitcoin Casinos Hong Kong

The legality of gambling in Hong Kong

Gambling has been legal in Hong Kong since the Gambling Ordinance became law in 1933. However, Hong Kong heavily regulates its land-based casinos. Due to strict regulations, only the Hong Kong Jockey Club may operate casinos. In-person gambling houses are available. Online gambling is not legal in Hong Kong, meaning you will always need to play at casinos that support Bitcoin payments.

While online gambling is illegal in Hong Kong, it has not restricted people from playing at offshore crypto casino sites. You will not face prosecution if you play at an offshore cryptocurrency casino. Let us see how you can take advantage of this option.

The Gambling Industry in Hong Kong

The idea of casinos that support crypto is relatively new. However, it offers many benefits when compared to regular casinos. Crypto casino sites offer the same features and games as traditional casinos. The only difference is the payment method. Casinos that support Bitcoin accept payments in digital tokens. Meanwhile, the regular casino options accept payments in fiat. Casinos that support digital currency payments provide bettors convenience and flexibility. Here is a list of reasons why casinos that support digital currency are now popular:

  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • Easy to use
  • Security

Safety of Crypto Casinos in Hong Kong

Crypto-based gambling platforms are 100% safe to use. However, choosing a reputable casino can be tricky. Make sure the casino has the necessary licences to operate. Cryptocurrency gives you an avenue to carry out payments securely. This way, you are protected from scams and fraud. Because the payments do not require your name or personal information, you will remain anonymous.

Gamblers will only use their crypto wallet and private keys. Hence, it protects your financial details because of encryption. No one can track crypto transactions. If you live in Hong Kong, you can still play offshore crypto games. Remember to keep your crypto wallet’s private keys secret.

How To Play At Crypto Casinos in Hong Kong

Playing at casinos that support Bitcoin payments is easy. Firstly, you will need a digital asset wallet. Crypto wallets are storage apps for cryptocurrencies. You can also use these wallets to send and receive funds. After creating your wallet, buy some tokens and store them in your wallet. Now you can sign up for any reputable online casino that supports crypto payments.

After signing up, you can make a deposit and start playing. Note that there is no specific cryptocurrency for playing at online casinos. The type of crypto payments available will depend on the casino involved. Some casinos support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, and many others. It means that you can only deposit certain tokens into your wallet on the platform.

Similarities between crypto and traditional casinos

Casinos that support crypto payments and traditional casinos are similar in most aspects. Crypto casinos, on the other hand, accept cryptocurrency payments and provide gamblers with privacy. However, traditional casinos can’t boast of these benefits. Won’t it be wise to ignore other options when there is a platform that gives you anonymity? Casinos that support crypto can also offer you more games to play. Some blockchains can process over 2000 payments within a few seconds, which is extremely fast.

How to Buy Tokens for Crypto Games

To use crypto at online casinos, you will have to buy some. Of course, you must already have a crypto wallet. Cryptocurrencies are different from fiat. You can’t get crypto at the bank like fiat. However, you can buy cryptocurrency at a reputable exchange. Find a reliable crypto exchange and sign up for an account. Make sure your verification is complete. Furthermore, you may be required to submit some personal information to verify your identity.

After getting verified on the exchange, search your wallet for the token you want to buy. Remember that any crypto you buy must be acceptable at the casino you want to use. You will need your debit or credit card to pay for the digital asset in fiat. Your crypto wallet must be able to receive funds from the exchange. However, some crypto exchanges offer gamblers a wallet. After setting up your wallet, link it to any reliable online casino that supports crypto.

How To Make Payments At Crypto Casinos in Hong Kong

Regular online casinos support payment methods like MasterCard and Visa. The same thing applies to crypto casino sites. However, there are a few differences. Crypto payments have an advantage over fiat payments. The advantage over fiat is speed.Depending on the coin the crypto casino accepts, the payment can take a few seconds or about 5 minutes. The important thing is that payments in crypto are faster than payments in fiat.

Link your crypto wallet to your casino account after paying in the coins. After connecting your wallet to your casino account, it will remain linked permanently. You will not have to enter your information all the time. Now you are ready to deposit and enjoy a welcome bonus to play. Additionally, you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

How to deposit at crypto casinos in Hong Kong

You can deposit money into your casino account by following these steps:

  • Sign up for an account with a reliable crypto exchange.
  • Follow the steps on how to create your wallet.
  • Choose the token you want and copy the address you are sending the money to.
  • There will be steps to link your wallet with the casino you want to use on the homepage.
  • Confirm the deposit and send your coins immediately.

How to withdraw from crypto casinos in Hong Kong

Withdrawing your funds from a casino that supports crypto payments is simpler than depositing money at a casino. This is how to withdraw your funds at casinos that support crypto payments:

  • Copy your wallet address and paste it on the withdrawal page.
  • Check the payment details to make sure it is the correct token.
  • After pasting your wallet address, validate the payment.
  • Wait for a short period for the money to arrive.

Processing time for payments on crypto casino sites

You must follow the guidelines (describing how to pay and receive funds) at casinos that support crypto. Another important thing to check is the processing speed of your payment. Crypto payments are usually quick. They are faster than fiat payments. The pace of the payment will depend on the coin you are sending. It will also depend on the casino you are using.

Crypto payments are fast because of the blockchain network. Transactions happen in a few minutes at most. On the other hand, some casinos can delay your payment. You don’t have to worry because some crypto casinos can process withdrawals in minutes. The transaction cannot take longer than a day to complete. Your funds will arrive after approval.

Withdrawal fees

You cannot escape transfer fees. Gamblers must pay fees when withdrawing from the casino. However, some crypto networks have no fees. Sometimes these charges can come from the blockchain or the casino involved. Note that fees are a negligible sum used to move your funds. It can also be a fraction of the amount of money you want to take, maybe 1% of the amount you want to withdraw. In some cases, the fee can be higher. Nevertheless, the fee in crypto casinos is not as high as what is available in regular casinos.

Crypto casino bonuses

Online crypto casino games have the same type of bonuses available in regular online casinos. After signing up for an online crypto casino and making a deposit, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Welcome bonuses.
  • Deposit bonuses.
  • Referral bonuses.

You will get a welcome bonus after you sign up for an online crypto casino. The bonus amount you will get depends on the platform you are using. Deposit bonuses are incentives or rewards given to gamblers. The goal is to encourage you to continue playing at the casino. After you have sent funds into your casino wallet, you will get a deposit bonus. You will get a referral bonus after referring other players to any online casino that accepts crypto payments. These types of bonuses are called fixed bonuses. For example, a crypto casino can say you will get a bonus for inviting another player to their platform with your referral link.


Online casinos that offer cryptocurrency payments can offer you countless benefits. Hence, you can easily stake digital assets in crypto casinos in Hong Kong. Crypto-based casinos aren’t illegal in the country. Finally, the number of games in casinos that support crypto has a higher return percentage. Regular casinos give you something different. However, you can find more top games at casinos that support crypto. These games include slots, poker, and blackjack. Others include baccarat, roulette, and live dealer games. If you live in Hong Kong, you can take advantage of these benefits.


Why are Bitcoin casinos popular?

Casinos that accept Bitcoin payments are popular because of the benefits they offer. Some of these benefits include low transaction fees, privacy, and speed. There are many online casinos that support crypto payments with better returns compared to traditional casinos.

Are crypto games legal in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has banned online gambling for some time now. What this means is that you can not play games online. However, it allows in-person casinos to operate; although it regulates these gambling houses fiercely. Additionally, Hong Kong does not stop you from playing at offshore casinos that can support crypto payments.

Do crypto casinos in Hong Kong offer various gaming options?

The number of games in casinos that accept crypto payments is not as large as that of traditional gambling platforms. Hence, casinos that accept crypto payments have better game inventories. Players will prefer an online casino that has more games. However, most gamblers would be surprised to see games with 99 per cent payout rates in casinos that accept Bitcoin payments.

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