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Although it is legal to gamble online in Belgium, there are restrictions on where you can do so. Any attempt to play at a casino that is not authorized by the Belgian Gaming Agency is likely to be unlawful. However, you can play your favorite games at a variety of locations across the nation.

Crypto Casinos Belgium

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned player, our team is here to enlighten and educate you on the finest and safest ways to use cryptocurrency at a casino in Belgium. In short, these are casinos where players can use cryptocurrencies to make deposits and/or withdrawals. So, our goal is to provide our readers with the best gaming experience possible. As a result, you know exactly how to use your cryptocurrency at Belgian crypto casino sites. To make your choice easier, we have provided a list of the best Belgian crypto casinos at the top of this page. Read on to find out more.

Gambling laws and regulations in Belgium

Before 2011, there were no gambling regulations in Belgium. Hence, it appeared that everything was permissible for gamblers. Since 2011, the Belgian Gaming Commission has taken a harsh stance against any domains that do not have a valid Belgian license. Apart from being a complex process, the country also charges very high prices for such licenses.

With the 2019 amendment to the gambling act, players in Belgium now have to comply with the following gambling rules:

  • A maximum deposit limit of €500 per player, per casino, per week.
  • As a player, you can only use a debit card online and not a credit card.
  • Players can no longer place wagers on unlicensed virtual casinos, including crypto casinos.

Operators must hold the proper license for the games they intend to offer.

History of gambling in Belgium

Since 1930, gambling has been legal in Belgium. The Knokke Casino first opened its doors to the public in the same year. Gambling quickly became extremely popular among adults. Although there aren’t many real-world or internet casinos in Belgium, betting is still one of the country’s most beloved pastimes.

In contrast to some other European nations, where some forms of online gambling are virtually prohibited, online gambling has been legal in Belgium since 2011. Finally, to safeguard gamblers from addiction, the nation continues to call for some type of regulation over gambling operations, both online and at real casinos.

How to deposit funds to crypto casinos in Belgium

Most crypto casinos accept a variety of deposit options. It includes internet banking, credit cards, Skrill, and others. To play with cryptocurrency, you must first obtain a crypto wallet. You can open an account on one of the many websites that provide this wallet service. This wallet will help to send and receive crypto. Since everything happens online, money transfers are extremely rapid here.

So, we’ve included a set of procedures that you may use to simply deposit any cryptocurrency you choose on a crypto casino in Belgium.

  1. Choose and create an account with a crypto casino from our list: First, you must create an account with your preferred Belgium online casino. You can choose it from the list of crypto casinos that we have provided above.
  2. Fill out details: You will need to fill in details, like your full name, address, and age, and complete identity verification.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency: Once you have the account, navigate to the ‘Funds’ section and choose your preferred cryptocurrency.
  4. Connect your crypto wallet: Follow the on-screen instructions and provide all the details necessary, like your cryptocurrency wallet.
  5. Authorize the deposit: Input the amount that you want to transfer to your casino account and initiate the transfer of funds from the wallet to your account.

The benefits of playing at crypto gambling casinos in Belgium

You may be wondering why you should engage in cryptocurrency gambling. There are some significant advantages to playing in decentralized realms. Here are some advantages of crypto gaming at a crypto casino:

Added security

There is no option for revoking or altering a payment once it is on the blockchain. So, once you receive news that a payment is on its way, you can rest assured that it will arrive on time.

Increased privacy

Players can gamble anonymously because cryptocurrency is not subject to the same KYC protocols as traditional casinos. You will only need to provide a username and an email address. When making crypto gaming payments, you only need a wallet address and nothing else. This decreases the possibility of fraud.

Cost-effective transactions

While transactions do incur fees depending on the priority you assign to the payment, it is still less expensive than paying foreign currency fees. For instance, Bitcoin is a global currency with no boundaries. A transaction from one person to another in the same town will cost the same as one from one country to another.

Speedy withdrawals

Blockchain transfers do not require the checks and balances that centralized institutions impose on transactions. After the approval of the transaction, it will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the withdrawal to process on your end.

Crypto games at casinos in Belgium

In terms of gaming, crypto casinos are similar to normal online casinos. The same slot machines and casino games, as well as live casino games, will be available. The biggest difference is that you’re playing with cryptocurrencies rather than fiat money.


Essentially, slots are the most frequent type of crypto casino game. There are thousands of distinct games to play, but not quite as many types.Typically, there are two alternatives. These are slot games with low and high volatility. As a side note, bitcoin casinos prefer high-volatility slot games, and here’s why.

High-volatility slot games are those that feature fewer winning combinations but pay out more when they do. Low volatility is the inverse of high volatility, with more common winning combinations but a lower reward.


As a popular game in all crypto casinos, blackjack is one of the world’s most popular gambling games. It’s easier to learn, more profitable, and you can hone your skills by playing for free. You can play a variety of blackjack variants with high-paying stakes online. When you include live blackjack variations, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit with players.


It’s difficult to state that Roulette is a crypto gambler’s favorite game, but it’s popular all across the world. Many people believe it is the fairest of them all because cheating at the game is nearly impossible owing to how it works. Because it is difficult for the croupier to drop a ball in a specific pattern that would cause the player to lose. As a result, many individuals prefer to play this game.


It is the most skill-intensive gambling game. To win this game, a player must be astute. It’s so distinct that some Bitcoin casinos devote their full attention to Poker only.

But, no matter how much skill is involved, a lot is still up to chance. There is no guaranteed winning poker strategy. In most circumstances, it’s simply a matter of what hand you’re dealt and how you deal with it. There is a limit to how many times you can bluff.


Lotteries are difficult to find at a crypto casino. The main reason for this is that most countries either allow government-approved agencies to hold them or have them entirely nationalized. However, if you see a crypto lottery, it is most likely a broadcast of a non-crypto lottery that is now running.

Yes, that sounds strange, but it is how most crypto casinos run this game. Why create an entirely new studio for this game when you can simply use the same reward structure as the original lottery, but pay out in cryptos? It is the rationale that the majority of casinos nowadays are employing.

Sports betting

At the top crypto gaming websites in Belgium, this feature is gaining popularity. In recent years, casino games have dominated the gambling industry, but sportsbooks have just begun to gain ground.

The combination of sports betting with online casino activities is proving to be quite popular with bettors all around the world due to the competitive odds. There are numerous markets available, including in-play betting, for a variety of sports.

Future of online crypto casinos in Belgium

Unfortunately, we believe that the current limits will only become more stringent. The market cannot grow because of the antiquated legislation governing the number of licenses issued and their requirements. Although gamers registered at Belgian online casinos are no longer penalized for playing at foreign sites, many of the latter remain blacklisted by the authorities. As a result, Belgium crypto casino players have the most limited casino options in Europe.


Bitcoin casinos are very popular in Belgium. It is because crypto offers safe and secure transactions. There’s also anonymity, where players keep their identity concealed. The flexibility and control offered by digital currency are other benefits of using crypto casinos in Belgium. Crypto is also cheaper in terms of transaction and service fees if we compare it to banks and credit cards.

Indeed, crypto casinos offer a fast payout, allowing you to access your winnings within a short period. There is an expectation of rising in the popularity of crypto casinos in the coming years, with many people switching to cryptocurrency.


These are some questions players often ask. Take a look at them for a better understanding of crypto casinos in Belgium.

Is there a deposit and withdrawal limit when using cryptocurrency casinos in Belgium?

Each online casino in Belgium has an independent deposit and withdrawal limit, which also applies to cryptocurrency. The deposit limit is the lowest amount you should deposit to your account to be allowed to stake with that operator. The limit is often in Euros or Dollars, and you have to convert the cryptocurrency to equal that amount. The withdrawal limit is the least amount you can withdraw to your wallet.

Do crypto casinos in Belgium accept all cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos in Belgium accept all cryptocurrencies. It is hard to deposit or withdraw funds using a different or unsupported digital currency. Start by checking the website for the type of currency they accept. Aside from that, you can also ask customer support if you can’t access this information.

What costs are involved in playing at a crypto casino in Belgium?

The costs involved with playing at a crypto casino differ. Depending on the sorts of crypto you are using, there are different fees. You can be charged transaction fees by the casino itself as well as exchange costs, gas fees, etc. So, it’s usually a good idea to check the terms and conditions of the casino before you start playing.

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