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Those looking to play crypto craps at the best online bitcoin casinos in 2024 are in luck. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best offerings from top casino sites for the popular table game of craps.

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Crypto Craps Guide – Bitcoin Casino Games

Customers have a wide variety of games to choose from when playing in various crypto casinos. One of the top bitcoin games that players can choose is craps. There are many crypto craps game sites that offer bitcoin craps gameplays. The best crypto craps sites offer generous bonuses and allow for easy withdrawal of winnings. In this article, customers can learn more about the crypto craps game sites and key details about the game.

About the game

Craps is a type of game that involves playing with a pair of dice. Customers can place their wagers on the result of dice throws. The game is simple to play as it doesn’t need sophisticated equipment.

In casinos, the game of craps involves the rolling of a certain number with two dice and then rolling that same figure once more prior to a seven being rolled on the craps table. The person who can roll the dice for that specific turn is the shooter.

If the “pucks” marked a certain number, the number will be the “point” of the game. The “point” will then be the goal of the shooter before seven appears in a roll. If the shooter can accomplish the point goal before a seven is rolled, there is another chance to shoot again. However, if the shooter is not able to shoot the designated “point” before the seven rolls, the shooter needs to hand over the control of the dice throw to the next shooter.

The online live casino version of this game is Bitcoin craps. Instead of several shooters or players taking turns to shoot the point or the goal, the online player is the sole shooter in every turn. On crypto craps game sites, the online live casino version of the game is the “First Person Craps.” However, there is also a live craps format where a machine similar to a catapult is the one rolling the dice.

Using Cryptocurrency to participate in a game of craps

On top of fiat or traditional currencies, registered customers can also place their bets on these Bitcoin craps casino sites by depositing the required bitcoin amount. Once they win the game, they can easily withdraw the corresponding Bitcoin winnings into their own wallet through a secure and anonymous payment network.

Crypto casinos typically accept most top cryptocurrencies such as Tether and Ethereum. However, using Bitcoin is more reliable when playing craps as this is the most established and biggest cryptocurrency.

Selecting the best Bitcoin craps gaming sites

The popularity of craps is growing. It is one of the most popular games in retail casinos as customers like its interesting game mechanics. This is also the case in some crypto casinos, especially in Bitcoin casinos.

The best crypto craps game sites are those Bitcoin craps online casinos that offer generous bonuses, more value-added loyalty rewards, and streamlined betting processes. These sites also have high-value welcome bonuses and regular promotions.

Top Bitcoin casinos also have a large selection of games that include a craps game. Their platforms also feature well-designed menus and responsive customer support teams. Customers can also enjoy faster loading and reduced downtime periods due to the reputable software powering the game. These casinos are also licensed by established gambling authorities.

On top of these attributes, the best crypto craps game sites ensure the privacy of their customers through their stringent and secure transactions. They also often get positive reviews from their customers which can help with their reputation.


As many customers are still not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies, there are still many details that they need to be aware of to be more knowledgeable when playing on crypto craps game sites. Some of their most common queries are addressed in the section below.

What are some of the differences between Bitcoin craps and regular online craps?

One obvious difference is the currency that customers can use when playing an online game of craps. They can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to play Bitcoin craps. On the other hand, they can only use fiat or traditional currencies on an online craps game.

Another difference is the availability of provably fair games such as provably fair craps on the platforms of crypto casinos. Blockchain technology powers these games. This type of game can enable players to verify the outcome of online bets for fairness. With provably fair craps, an online crypto casino will not be able to tamper with the craps results without leaving a trace.

What is an advantage of crypto craps game sites?

On crypto craps game sites, there is no need for customers’ transactions to pass through a bank. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are decentralized and not within the control of any financial institution. Institutions such as credit card firms or banks will not be able to turn down a customer’s deposits due to bad credits or other reasons.

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