How Much Does a Roulette Table Cost?

If you love playing casino games and want to buy a roulette table, you may wonder how much it costs and if it is worth your money or not. People have been playing roulette for a long time. The French were the first to popularize the game and invented wheeled tables in 1796. Since then, roulette has been one of the most played game since the 18th century.

The prices of the roulette tables generally vary; anywhere from $50 to $600, but the average is closer to $200. This may or may not include the cost of installation.

Roulette Wheel Cost
Roulette Wheel Cost

The roulette table is an essential staple of casinos and is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. This game is captivating and has something for everyone who wants a little excitement that doesn’t require so much strategy as other games. Plus, some great bets are easy to win on this game, and you’ll have hours of fun playing it!

This article covers how much it would cost to buy a roulette table and provides some factors you need to consider when buying a table.

What You Need To Know

Before deciding which roulette table to buy, you must determine what the most important features are. Here are some criteria you could use to determine which table is best for you.


The size of a roulette table is closely related to how big your playing group is. If you’re planning on getting together with only one or two friends, it’s probably best to opt for a smaller table so there will be room to move around freely. But if your group is bigger, and you want each person sitting in their place, a larger table will be more appropriate.


Where do you want to place the table? In your house? At a bar? Or do you want to rent a location for one night and then move it elsewhere? If you are playing in an apartment complex, for instance, then there might be restrictions on how much noise you can make. You’ll have to consider this when looking for a table.


Many factors determine a table’s final price tag, including its dimensions and other aesthetic details. Some dealers may even include game sets.

Customer Reviews

If you’re buying a roulette table online, be sure to check the customer review section. This consists of customer feedback, ratings, photos, videos, and comments that will help you decide whether the table is suitable for you.

Types of Roulette Tables

There are two types of roulette tables: regular and electronic. Regular tables use a physical wheel that has 36 numbered slots. They are positioned on a rotating stand, which moves in downward and upward motions. Electronic tables use an electronic device with digital number displays placed on an angled rotating pedestal.

Components of the Roulette Table

The roulette table will have many pieces to it, but the most important pieces to consider are the following:


The roulette wheel is the centerpiece of your game, and it’s the part that you’ll use to spin the other parts with. There are two types of wheels: American and European. The American wheel has 38 slots comprising numbers from 1 to 36 along with 0 and 00. Additionally, these slots alternate between red and black. On the other hand, the European wheel consists of 37 slots and one 0.

You get what you pay for, so consider how expensive your table will be if you’re looking for a more precise wheel. The player bets their money against the spinning wheel by placing it inside these slots before it starts turning and then taking it out once one of its 36 numbered numbers has been selected. The number will be lucky for them if it comes up during that game round.

The Fret

The frets are made out of non-magnetic materials, also called pocket separators. The purpose of using non-magnetic materials is to ensure that the wheel is not rigged.


With the information above, you should be able to decide which roulette table is best for you. If you are interested in the game, buying a roulette table for yourself is a great option. Hopefully, this post has helped you narrow down your choices, or at least helped you discover that there are many options out there. So if you know what features are important to you and which type of table would suit your situation, then the process of choosing a roulette table should be much easier.