How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make?

Many aspiring blackjack dealers want to know how much they can earn in this profession. They want to know if the salaries meet their expectations for the job. Aside from the compensation, there are other perks to working as a blackjack dealer. They can hone their skills while mingling with exciting personalities in a highly-charged gaming environment. If you’re debating a career as a blackjack dealer, this article can help provide some statistics and insights on the salary levels you can earn as you progress.

There is a wide range of blackjack dealer salaries in the United States. Various career and job posting sites indicate a wide range of salary levels. Based on employee surveys, dealers can earn anywhere from $11,000 to as high as $82,500 annually, depending on factors like location and experience.

Blackjack Dealer
Blackjack Dealer

On average, the best ones make around $52,000 yearly, depending on their expertise. The high disparity between the salary range’s lower and upper spectrum indicates good potential for career enhancement and salary increases.

Based on the latest salary survey, the mean pay per year of blackjack dealers in the U.S. is around $34,173. This is equivalent to an hourly rate of approximately $16.43. In a week, blackjack dealers can earn about $657 or roughly $2,848 monthly. This is just an estimated range and depends on several factors.

Salary variation per U.S. city

The earnings of blackjack dealers also vary per area. Among the cities in the U.S., blackjack dealers can earn the most if they work within the city boundaries of Green River, Wyoming; Richmond, California, and Stamford, Connecticut.

The average earnings of blackjack dealers in these cities are significantly higher than the average across the United States. Given these findings, blackjack dealers have the opportunity to earn more by moving to one of these cities.

Highest-earning blackjack dealer jobs

Work positions in casinos can be classified into several categories. For blackjack dealer jobs, some of the most common job categories and their corresponding annual salaries are as follows.

  • Dealer Principal: $97,434
  • Dealer Solutions: $78,836
  • Dealer Development: $70,380
  • Gaming Dealer: $69,827
  • Dealer Relationship Manager: $67,699

The salaries of these choice blackjack dealer positions are around 98.1% to 185.1% more than the mean blackjack dealer’s annual earnings of $34,173.

Other factors impacting the earnings of blackjack dealers

As with most positions, several circumstances or situations can dictate the salary of people working in casinos. For blackjack dealers, their job levels will dictate their earnings. As expected, entry-level dealers have lower salary levels. Furthermore, they usually get lesser tips due to their lack of experience.

Seasonal demands

Their salaries can also be affected by seasonal demands. During off-peak seasons when there are very few customers, there are only a few tables that are open and need to be manned by dealers. When this happens, casinos typically reduce the working hours, and consequently, the dealer will end up earning less.

Types of games

The amount a dealer earns can also be affected by the types of games they are involved in and their skill levels. The more skilled they are, the more their managers will compensate them for their expertise.

People skills

Take-home pay can also be impacted by the customer’s perception of the dealers. Those who are charismatic, entertaining and relatable are more likely to receive more significant tips. Dealers who are helpful and friendly typically elicit good feelings from their customers. This often translates to the tips that the dealers will receive. The tips from these customers add up to the earnings of these blackjack dealers.

Training and other benefits of blackjack dealers

On top of their earnings, blackjack dealers also get other non-monetary but valuable perks from the casinos. Some of these include training programs that can help strengthen the skills of these dealers.

Casinos also provide flexibility as most are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Blackjack dealers can then have many options to choose when they want to work – although it is true that some shifts are more lucrative than others.


The average salaries of blackjack dealers have significant variations. The salary ranges are extensive and depend on several factors. Job tiers, expertise levels, and locations are just some of these factors that can reduce or increase the earnings of these dealers. Their salaries could also be affected by seasonal job demands and the dispositions of their customers toward them. The job could be lucrative for those with the required skill level and experience. Most recruiters will not need any particularly high level of education to consider an applicant for a dealer job.