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Online casinos are innovating new products all the time, and the latest product in the pipeline is the Limbo game. Limbo is a simple provably fair game where players bet a set amount of money and a set multiplier, which they hope will be reached in the next round.

Though a Bitcoin Limbo game looks like Crash games, there are significant differences between the two. For example, unlike Crash games, you can’t withdraw from your Limbo game before it ends.

Top Crypto Limbo Game Sites List (December 2023)

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Crypto Limbo Game
Crypto Limbo Game

Crypto Limbo – Provably Fair

Many online casinos claim their games are fair because the former are run by random number generators. Gamblers have no option but to believe these claims because RNGs are complex programs and very difficult to understand. In brick-and-mortar casinos, at least punters see how the dealer works his cards, so this mistrust is largely absent there.

Several crypto limbo game sites have tried solving this problem by introducing Provably Fair Gaming technology. According to these websites, this cutting-edge technology indeed generates completely fair results.

How to play Limbo

A simple game, Limbo works well for low and high rollers alike. Players can go for very small bets, as low as a few cents, and win 1 million times their stake.

Limbo works like the pole-based game that is popular at parties. In online Limbo, players basically bet on the number of people appearing on the screen and hope that the number they select is lower than the others.

This betting is like guessing which color of car will pass by you in the next minute, red or blue? Or, like roulette, which color or number would the ball drop on.

Limbo betting rules

In a Bitcoin Limbo game, you are betting an amount (in this case it is BTC).

Next, you pick up a Target Multiplier at Stake, which is a number that fits or is under a random number that appears on the screen. Every online Limbo game has two boxes — ‘Profit on Win’ and ‘Win on Chance’.

If you win, the sum you will get is listed in the Profit on Win box. On the other hand, the Win on Chance box determines how much you will win in a particular round.

Here’s an example of how this Bitcoin Limbo game works.

Assume your Target Multiplier is 2x. This means this number or any other number above this one equals a winning round. In this case, your winning chance is 49.5%, which is shown by the Win on Chance box. The final amount you win depends on how much you staked at the beginning.

Limbo is a highly volatile game with a wide variation of outcomes, and you should consider this factor while placing bets in this game.

Multiplier ranges

The lowest multiplier in any Bitcoin Limbo game is 1.01x and the win chance is 98.01980198%. On the other hand, the maximum multiplier (with the lowest probability of a win) is 1,000,000x. Therefore, while the odds are low, the payouts are very high.

Unlike other online casino games, there is no cap on your winnings in a Limbo game. And if you bet Bitcoin, you get unlimited wins.

Limbo game features

Big wins and simple plays are the two biggest features of a crypto-based Limbo game. There is no need to figure out the bells and whistles in this game. However, you can add e a few more features to your Bitcoin Limbo game.


Players can fix the number of rounds they want to play in a game. In addition, they can also cap their bet amounts in case of a win or loss.

Limbo players can also turn off the Autoplay mode after reaching their profit or loss goals.


Use shortcuts to make bets quickly. For example, the Space bar is for placing bets, while ‘a’ stands for halving the bet amount.

Please note, hotkeys vary across different crypto game sites.

Is Limbo a provably fair game?

Yes, this game is trustworthy and generates completely random results. Every Bitcoin Limbo game carries a link labeled ‘Fairness’, which clicked shows the client seed, nonce, and the server seed. This link also shows the complete breakdown of every calculation.

Bitcoin Limbo games have very high RTPs; these scores often beat the Return to Player percentages of other casino games.


Where can I play Bitcoin Limbo for free?

There are numerous sites that carry Bitcoin Limbo games. Furthermore, you can play this game in demo mode. Since Limbo allows you to place very small bets, use this functionality to improve your basic gambling skills.

What is the best strategy to win a Bitcoin Limbo game?

There is no strategy because Limbo is a luck-based game. That said, you can win small sums of money with low stakes. If you have a big bankroll, then high Target Multipliers can work.

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