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Top Live Dealer Bitcoin Blackjack Sites List (April 2024)

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One of the most popular casino banking games, Blackjack evolved from the centuries-old game of Vingt-et-Un or Pontoon.

In Blackjack, each player is up against the dealer. You place your bets before the deal, when each player including the dealer gets two cards. The dealer will reveal one of their cards. Before you decide to hit, stand or split you have the option to double your bet.

When it’s your turn to play, you can opt to ‘hit’ (take another card), ‘stand’ (stick with what you’ve got), or ‘split’ (if you have two cards of the same value, you can split and play them as two separate hands). If the total value of your cards is greater than the dealer’s but no more than 21, you win. When the dealer’s hand is of greater value than yours, or you go over 21, you lose.

With some house variations, those are the basics of Blackjack. It’s popular because it’s easy to learn and quick to play. Also, of all casino games, Blackjack has the lowest house edge. Edge is the profit margin the house makes on any game. The lower the edge, the more chance you have of coming out on top.

Live Dealer Crypto Blackjack

Live Dealer Crypto Blackjack
Live Dealer Crypto Blackjack

Many online casinos offer live dealer bitcoin Blackjack as an alternative to playing against a computer. In this case, real dealers are employed by the casino and you join them by video link. You can have all the excitement of a real casino experience without leaving home.

The dealer deals the cards and digital technology shows them to you. In order to play live, you should check the timetable of live games on the casino’s website. Pick a time that suits you and join the lobby of players. Because live dealer crypto Blackjack is so popular, some casinos will employ hundreds of dealers.

Crypto Casinos

As cryptocurrencies have become more popular, online casinos and gaming sites have started to accept them, initially alongside regular or ‘fiat’ money. At first, it was only simple games that could be played using bitcoin, but gradually other cryptocurrencies have been accepted for even the most sophisticated games. Therefore, it’s now much easier to find live dealer bitcoin Blackjack.

Many crypto casinos don’t take fiat currency at all. Because cryptocurrency transactions are much more private than regular banking, they have proved popular with online gamers.

There are other advantages too. Cryptocurrencies have very low transaction fees, with some casinos charging zero on crypto transactions. Withdrawing cash is usually much quicker with cryptocurrencies too.

How To Choose A Crypto Casino

When researching online casinos it’s a good idea to look for reviews. Any that seem to have a bad record for paying out should be avoided. You don’t have to sign up to explore the casino’s website and make use of their customer support live chat if they have one. Most reputable online casinos will have a FAQs section too, which can be a good source of information.

If you want to play live dealer crypto Blackjack, it’s important to ask which cryptocurrencies they handle. A casino that deals only in fiat currency may not be the right choice for you.

The next thing to check out is if they actually offer live dealer Blackjack. Look at the schedule of games to see that they have plenty of games at times that are convenient to you. For the best possible authentic casino experience, you want to be sure that the dealers are properly trained and certified.

Rules and regulations vary around the world. A casino that is properly licensed in one country or district may not be allowed in another part of the world. It’s up to you to check that you’re not breaking any rules. You can sometimes find lists of approved countries in the small print of the casino’s website. If in doubt, email them to check, or ask on live chat.


How do I get some cryptocurrency?

Acquiring cryptocurrency is quite straightforward. You need something called a crypto wallet to get started. This is a piece of software that enables you to send and receive cryptocurrency. You can now buy the cryptocurrency of your choice and store it in your wallet. Once you sign up with your carefully chosen casino, you can transfer currency from the wallet to your casino account. When you want to cash out, the procedure simply works the other way.

Are all online casinos the same?

No. Some specialize in slots, for example, and there are a few that don’t use crypto at all.

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