Best Crypto Aviator Game Sites

Looking for the top places to play the aviator crypto casino game? Look no further. In this guide, you’ll find our expert’s favorite crypto casinos for playing aviator.

Top Crypto Aviator Sites List (March 2024)

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Crypto Aviator Casinos
Crypto Aviator Casinos

Aviator is a multiplayer crypto game from Spribe with a format that resembles video games. As such, it’s both simple and exciting, with a 97% Return to Player (RTP) and medium to low volatility.

It’s an unpredictable crash game, which makes it even more thrilling for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who enjoy volatile markets.

How To Play Crypto Aviator

A plane takes off from the bottom and ascends at a steady curve when a game round starts, using a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the crash time. Therefore, the best betting strategy for this game is to decide when to cash out, not too early or too late, because the higher the plane is, the bigger the prize. It’s the distinguishing factor between this and other games, as you have control over what happens to your bet.

Game Features

The name and everything on this game has an aviation theme. The icon on the chart is a plane that flies to new coefficients. The main features include:

Crypto Aviator Design

Aviator’s design is adaptive, meaning you can play it on various devices, whether you prefer your phone, a desktop, or a tablet. Additionally, it’s a low-bandwidth game that you can play on low-price devices.

This game allows auto bets and cashouts, which reduces lost rounds. For instance, auto cash out keeps your volatility low by pulling your money out when the plane reaches a coefficient over 1.10x. The auto bet restarts your wager at the same amount as the previous one.

Social Gaming

Since it’s a multiplayer game, it’s engaging, with social elements for players to keep in touch. For instance, it has an in-game chat.

On top of that, crypto Aviator supports live bets, where players receive live game feed to see how much others bet and win. It makes it competitive as multiple players bet on the same plane.

There’s also a live statistics module showing the biggest wins of players. You can opt to see these statistics on different reporting cadences that are daily, weekly, or monthly.


Crypto Aviator has a few promo tools. The Rain Promo places random free bets that any player can claim. To win, a player taps the claim button. This promo encourages interaction and keeps players in the game longer.

Another promo tool is free bets that serve as gifts to promote the game or to introduce new players to this crypto game.


Bitcoin Aviator games use Provably Fair Technology to prevent third-party interference for the game to be fair to all. Therefore, casinos can’t change the algorithm calculations, and players can verify the data at will.

Winning Strategies

The minimum you can bet is 10 USDT, and the maximum is 100 USDT.

Using low bets reduces the money you lose. If you win, the balance grows for you to move to higher odds. Further, you can strategize your win by placing one or two simultaneous bets.

If you’re a beginner, start with one game bet to focus on it because two wagers will split your attention. You can also try the Fun Mode, where you interact and learn without betting as you familiarize yourself.

Placing two simultaneous bets is also a winning strategy, as it gives you the liberty to place a small and a large wager. When the larger bet hits a multiplier over 1.50x, cash it, and the win will cover the two bets.

You could also vary your bets using the Anti-Martingale System, where you half your wager after a loss and double it when you win.


Crypto Aviator is a simple, engaging multiplayer crypto game that’s open to all, thanks to its low bets. It works on different devices and has an interactive and manageable interface centered around an aviation theme.

To win, a player cashes out at the highest multiplier before the plane on the chart crashes. Simple!


How do you always win the Aviator game?

Focus on the coefficients and avoid waiting for these multipliers to go very high. Additionally, place low bets to cushion your money and work with 1.2x multipliers. The live statistics module of these Bitcoin Aviator games can assist you.

You’ll gather game predictions from actual data and set your auto cash out on the average multipliers found.

Another tip to get you more wins is betting low in your first rounds to test volatility. That way, you’ll see how high the multipliers go without losing more money.

When can you cash out Aviator?

Cash-out before the plane crashes, or you’ll lose your bet.

How does the crypto Aviator game work?

Bitcoin Aviator games use an RNG algorithm displayed as a plane on a chart. As it flies, it curves, reaching different bet multipliers, which increases the cash-out. Players wager from 10 cents and cash out before the plane flies out of sight.