Best Tron (TRX) Dice Sites

Tron (TRX) dice sites use a cryptocurrency called Tron, founded in Singapore by the Tron Foundation, which owns the Tron blockchain. This foundation hosts entertainment applications and avails them on a peer-to-peer platform without a mediator as decentralized applications (Dapp).

Hence, Tron dice games use an open-source smart contract to decentralize game assets so that any player or creator can participate without a centralized gatekeeper controlling their actions.

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How to Play Tron Dice

TRX Dice
TRX Dice

Winning Strategies

The strategies used in other crypto games also apply to Tron dice. They include:


Place your first bet, and when you win, keep doubling subsequent amounts until you lose. If you have straight wins, three or so, lower your wager to reduce the risk.

Martingale & Anti-Martingale

A Martingale strategy has you doubling the next bet after losing and halving the next one after a win. The opposite is the Anti-Martingale strategy, where you halve your wager after a loss and double it after winning.

D’Alembert Strategy

Unlike the Martingale strategy, increase your bet by 1x after a win instead of doubling it.

A Simple Betting Tutorial

TRX dice games have different concepts. Where the requirement is to roll the Tron dice, such as in Simple Dice, here is how to go about it.

Step 1

Select the number to roll under in the round.

Step 2

Place your bet in the TRX (Tron) token for that dice game. For instance, if the game requires you to select a number between 1 and 100, your bet should be whether the number drawn will be more or less than yours.

Let’s say your number is 20, and you bet that the drawn number will be lower than yours, then any number drawn between 1 and 19 earns you some TRX.

Step 3

Click Roll Under to start your roll, which prompts the smart contract to generate a random number and show the result.

Step 4

Win or lose your bet. When playing Simple Dice, you win when the returned number is under the house number you chose earlier. Hence, you win the TRX amount displayed and have TAOdice tokens transferred to your Tron wallet.

How To Choose Tron Dice Games

Crypto gamers prefer dice games because they are easy to play. You bet a number within a prescribed range and win.

It begs the question, why do gamers opt for such simple gambling concepts instead of feature-rich slots?

The simplicity of TRX dice games gives you time to create a winning strategy as you decide the numerical figure to choose and your bet.

Here are ways to differentiate Tron dice games as you shop.

Social Interactions

Games with multiplayer interactions on chat are more engaging. The site may set the minimum bets required for you to unlock the chat function.

Dividends & Jackpots

Know the payout frequency of the site because dice games pay dividends at different durations. For example, TRONEW pays out every 12 hours, and Simple Dice does so daily.

Further, look at the jackpots and bonuses available and their requirements. For instance, on Simple Dice, you win 10% of the Lucky Number Jackpot when you roll your dice, and it lands on the Lucky Number.

Another way to double your earnings in that game is their referral bonus which rakes in 10% of referral bets. You can also claim 10 free tokens to freeze and earn dividends.

Device Compatibility

The experience of playing dice Tron games is different across various Dapp. For instance, Stake Them All has an animation-themed platform that feels like you’re on a set of animations like Shaun The Sheep. The theme may influence your experience with the user interface. If it’s complicated, you’ll get lost.

Some Tron dice games, such as Stake Them ALL, are compatible with a desktop browser. Others have a website optimized for mobile and no apps. It’s better to play a game you can access on any device as you can play it anywhere, even away from your home gaming desk.

Currency Exchange

Some dice games let you change your cryptocurrency. It could be an added advantage if you’re playing games with other cryptocurrencies and need to exchange your wins for TRX to play dice.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Check how and where you can buy your tokens. Also, know the minimum TRX tokens required to participate.

The ease of moving your crypto earnings to and from your account is another factor you can’t ignore. You may have the option of two bank accounts, one to hold your game balance and the other to act as your personal account.

On top of that, there are Tron dice games with fiat deposits and withdrawals, where you can transfer your money in Dollars, Euros, or even the Russian Ruble. Nevertheless, for such features, you verify your account through platforms like Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

The disadvantage is they require a government-issued identification document like your driver’s license or passport and a photo, which eliminates the anonymity you enjoy playing in a decentralized system like Tron blockchain.

Game Statistics (Stats)

You’ll be eager to see your wins, bets, losses, and profits, among other session stats. Therefore, the dashboard should be navigable with easy access to stats without moving you away from the session.


Tron dice blockchain has almost instantaneous transactions because it’s faster than others, which gives you fast winnings. Since it’s not one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world, it has a limited supply.

As such, this low circulation creates value and a higher demand for it. Therefore, TRX dice games encourage players to lock or freeze their earnings as doing so increases rewards. They call this strategy staking or freezing.

To enjoy such benefits, you only need to find the best dice played with Tron tokens. Enjoy!


How do you minimize losses in Tron dice?

To avoid losing many bets, play games with faucets. These are free tokens that lower your risk as you learn the game.

How secure are TRX dice sites?

Cryptocurrency wallets use private keys to secure your funds, and Tron is no different. Additionally, dice games use Provably Fair technology to analyze and verify the game outcome and avoid third-party manipulation.

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