Best USDT (Tether) Dice Sites

Tether, otherwise known as USDT, is a “stablecoin”. This is a global crypto-asset pegged to the value of fiat currencies and backed by bank assets. The increasing popularity of stablecoins stems from their lack of volatility, which other cryptocurrencies are prone to. This stability makes them ideal for investors who wish to join the crypto gold rush without risking big losses. It also makes them ideal for use as gambling resources.

To find the best USDT dice casinos, just go to our list at the top of this article. In the meantime, we will give you an overview of what you should look for in a good USDT casino. We examine the pros and cons of using Tether dice and show how to choose the best ones for you.

Top USDT Dice Sites List (February 2024)

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What is a USDT dice site?


As cryptocurrency increases in popularity due to its anonymity and fast transactions speeds, so have casino sites which accept crypto among their payment options. Alongside these have come Tether casinos, sites which primarily use USDT for deposits and withdrawals.

Enthusiasts cite Tether as the best asset for gaming, since a USDT casino does not require personal details. Furthermore, the gambling itself is not dependent on government regulation, since the blockchain technology at its heart ensures fair play because there is a decentralized audit trail showing all transactions. This is particularly apparent with USDT dice.

Tether dice games take the oldest form of wagering — betting on the outcome of two dice throws — and give it a techie twist. The outcomes in question are provably random, with the house edge far lower than games offered by more traditional casinos. Moreover, the savvy Tether dice player can automate the betting process to set up dozens of rolls or adjust the winning probability to their needs.

Types of Dice games available

For such a simple concept — guess which numbers will come up — USDT dice games offer a lot of variability. Essentially, there are four types of dice game available at Tether casinos. Let’s take a look:

  • Live casino dice: The simplest form of Tether dice. Players simply place their bets on the outcome of two dice rolls.
  • Craps: More complicated than the basic form, the aim of craps is to roll a particular number and achieve that number again before the dice show seven. If the player, or “shooter”, doesn’t manage that, then the dice moves to the next shooter. Craps has more of a strategy element than other dice games.
  • Scratch dice: This combines two random factors — the roll of two dice and the winning potential of the lottery scratchcard. Players have a lottery-style card with scratch off areas. These reveal various dice symbols. The aim is to reveal three identical numbers for an instant win, or to unlock jackpot multipliers by revealing sequential numbers.
  • Sic bo: This is another very simple game. The outcome relies on chance, which makes it ideal for Tether dice. Bettors place their chips on the table’s bet box, selecting the number of their choice. Then the dealer rolls the dice, if the dice come up with that number, the player wins the stake.

Top features a USDT dice site should have

For players who know their way around cryptocurrency and want to try their luck at betting, then USDT dice games are a great way to have fun. There are many advantages to using a Tether casino, which rely on the advantages inherent in USDT itself.

The stability of Tether makes it perfect for deposits. USDT is firmly pegged to the value of the US dollar, so it keeps USD value while also giving players total control of their assets outside the banking system.

However, choosing the best Tether dice site requires a little discrimination. Like all online casinos, the very best offer good bonuses and promotions, and don’t drag their heels when it comes to making your winnings available. USDT dice is fair and impartial, so a casino’s attitude to its players should reflect this transparency in all things.

A solid reputation

A good Tether dice site should have a solid reputation, within the sector and among gamers alike. Although USDT dice is not dependent on gaming authorities in the same way that regular nation-based sites are, a licence is always reassuring. Players also need to know that the site takes online security seriously.

All good gaming sites offer a wide selection of games. There should be a number of Tether dice games available, with multiple betting options where appropriate. Check our list of best casinos at the top of this article.

How to register at a USDT site

Registration at Tether casinos is as simple as signing up for any betting site. The only important difference is the currency selected.

  1. Select a USDT site that suits your needs. The best USDT sites can be found in our list.
  2. Register an account by entering a username, a password, and any other details the site requires. Be sure to choose Tether as your currency.
  3. Enter the Deposit area to make your first payment.
  4. Follow the site’s instructions and, when prompted, accept the transaction from your Tether wallet.
  5. Choose your USDT dice game and place your bets!


Tether dice games are the perfect demonstration of the security and integrity of the blockchain. This technology is designed to make transactions fair and above board without requiring the oversight of a centralized authority. As such, this makes it highly attractive to gamers. The best USDT sites capitalize on this without compromising the sense of control that Tether users enjoy.


Now that we have reached the end of our article about the best USDT (Tether) dice sites, we have added two of the most frequently asked questions.

Is it legal for casinos to accept USDT?

While gambling sites that accept USDT claim they are legal nationwide, the truth depends on where you are located. There are two different factors you need to think about: the legitimacy of Tether and the availability of online gambling services in your jurisdiction.

What is a typical processing time for a Tether deposit?

If you want your wallet to be secure, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to get two network confirmations. Because of their popularity, blockchains can get crowded quickly, which delays the confirmation of transactions. If you are willing to spend more money, you can complete your transactions much faster. This way, they will prioritize your transaction within the blockchain network.

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