Best UFC Crypto Betting Sites Australia

Start betting on UFC matches with crypto today at the most trusted crypto sportsbook sites. The list below has been curated by the experts here at for Australian players. Each provider offers UFC betting with Bitcoin and crypto.

Top UFC Crypto Betting Sites List (June 2024)

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What is UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship follows mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions in the US and around the globe. This includes boxing, kickboxing, karate, wrestling, judo, and jujitsu as well as other combat sports.

Crypto UFC betting has already proved a favourite with crypto gamblers. The choice of Crypto UFC Betting Sites has reflected the surge in popularity and there are now a dazzling array of options.

Crypto UFC
Crypto UFC

Types of bets on UFC

There are a variety of ways to gamble on the outcome of UFC events.

  1. Money line bet: a simple bet on the fight winner against stated odds.
  2. Victory method: in addition to predicting the winner, if you can predict how the win will be made, you can earn more. To state the obvious, you will get better odds for player A to win by a knockout than simply predicting player A will win.
  3. Pick the round: you will find different odds for predicting the round when the fight will reach its conclusion.
  4. Total rounds: bet on the length of the match.
  5. Parlays: you can also bet on the results of several events with a single bet. It’s much riskier, but the rewards if you are successful are greater.

Study the form

Unless you are very lucky, the best way to win at UFC gambling is to know the fighters and the events in which they compete. The best way to learn about UFC competitions and the participants is to watch them. Get to know the fighters, learn their foibles and try to understand their strategies and techniques.

One thing which is more difficult to assess until after the fight is the health and condition of the competitor. However, remember most major events subject participants to drug testing, weighing and other checks. Furthermore, there are stringent protocols in the event of knockout or certain types of injury so the integrity of the competition can be assured for participants and bettors.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has male and female fighters in lots of weight categories so there’s bound to be a competitor to interest you.

Obviously the ‘big names’ attract more attention (and more bets) but it’s always a pleasure to watch a newcomer make their way. To spot emerging talent is rewarding in itself but if you are winning money against the odds, that’s even better!

Cryptocurrency Betting

There are, of course, fiat UFC betting sites but the growth of cryptocurrency has seen an explosion in the choices of bitcoin UFC gambling sites. You’ll find plenty of options for wagers in many other cryptocurrencies.

Choice is a wonderful thing but choosing the right site for you may be daunting. There are a few criteria to consider when looking for the site that’s right for you.

Are they legit and licensed?

Any legitimate online crypto betting site will be proud to display details of their government issues license and declare the provenance of the company that owns them. If they don’t offer that information or are vague, consider it a red flag.

To obtain a license, an online betting site will have demonstrated they have met the expected minimum standards of performance. They will have been vetted in line with international laws around money laundering and terrorism too.

Is it free to sign up?

Not only should it be free to sign up, some sites will offer you some sort of incentive or welcome bonus when you join.

Are they trustworthy?

Of course, you should read the terms and conditions in detail before depositing money with an organisation. The T&Cs are usually accessed by a click-through link on the site. They may look long but the few minutes you spend reading them could save you grief in the long run.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to look for player reviews online. A simple internet search saying ‘what bitcoin UFC gambling sites can I trust’ will bring back literally millions of links to reviews.

Notwithstanding that some reviews will be from people who are ‘sore losers’ or conversely deliberately promotional, there will be enough genuine comments to give you a good outline.

Our list of the Best Crypto UFC Betting Sites is a good starting point.

Deposits and Withdrawal limits

This is an area to pay close attention to. In particular look at minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal levels. Additionally, the average time to deposit and withdraw funds from your account can vary considerably.

Costs to move cryptocurrency are marginal, so fees should be relatively low in this regard too.

Crypto UFC Betting – FAQs

It’s great to watch but is UFC safe for competitors?

Strict rules and regulations help protect participants from unnecessary injury. Moreover, wearing of protective clothing is mandatory.

Is UFC and MMA the same thing?

No. MMA is the acronym for Mixed Martial Arts and is the sport (like Australian Rules Football). UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is the organisation that promotes the fights (like the AFL, WAFL, SANFL et al do for Aussie Rules).