Sites Like Roobet In Australia

For those in the crypto casino world, Roobet is one of the safer, most popular crypto casinos out there. But, while it’s the first port of call for many players, it’s not actually available to players the world over. On top of that, there are some downsides to this site. So, we’re going to look at some of the Roobet alternatives out there to see what else Australians have to choose from. Read on to find other sites like Roobet…

Top Sites Like Roobet List (June 2024)

Here are just some of our top crypto gambling sites that are just like Roobet. Take a look at this list and pick the one you like the look of.

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Why use Roobet alternatives?

While Roobet is one of the top crypto casinos around, it’s still not perfect. There are many reasons why you may want, or indeed need, to look for a Roobet alternative, and here’s why:

  • Unavailable: For many, Roobet is simply not available in your country. Players in the UK, US, and a number of other gaming jurisdictions cannot access Roobet. It can be frustrating finding a great casino but not being able to play there. Therefore, we’re giving you different options.
  • Variety: You may be able to play there, but you’re looking for more. Roobet does give you a lot of options when it comes to games, but not everything. If you want more games, more variety, and a better gaming experience, then you can check out some of our Roobet alternatives, some of which have double the number of games!
  • Negative reviews: Most reviews for Roobet are positive, but this isn’t always the case. If the negative comments you find make you nervous, there are many other players feeling the same right alongside you. Some people have had issues making a deposit at Roobet, which doesn’t inspire confidence. So, if you want somewhere else to play, we’ve got the options for you.
  • Changing things up: Alternatively, you may have had a great time at Roobet but are simply looking for a change of scene, and that’s totally fine too. Keep things fresh by checking out other sites like Roobet instead.
Roobet Casino
Roobet Casino

How we choose our Roobet alternatives

There are a growing number of top casinos for you to go to instead of Roobet. We carefully rate and vet each site to make sure they’re offering you nothing but the best when it comes to gaming service. Some of the main factors we consider when choosing these sites include security and safety, a larger, more diverse gaming library, in-house unique games, sportsbook options, strong support, varied cryptocurrencies, the option for freeplay, and bonuses.

Downsides of using sites like Roobet

So, as we have outlined, there are some definite plus points about using Roobet alternatives. But there are some negative points too.

For instance, Roobet does have a pretty good selection of Roobet-specific games, and these can’t be accessed on other sites. You’re going to have to go without playing Roobet Crash (for instance) when playing elsewhere. But, many Roobet alternatives do offer their own Crash versions too, so you might find something even better. In fact, some of them have really great RTPs in place, which gives you a definite winning boost.

You may also find that some alternatives don’t offer sportsbooks (though we do try to find casinos that match Roobet across all areas). Additionally, Roobet often comes out on top. when it comes to freeplay bonuses, which can give you a massive boost toward your winning chances.


So, while Roobet is a great casino, it’s not the only cryptocurrency gambling site out there. There’s no need to panic if you can’t access it. There are a ton of different Roobet alternatives that will fill the void more than amply. Some even offer more games, better bonuses, and cleaner layouts! So, take a look at these other casino sites, sign up, and have fun!


Is there a US Roobet casino?

Unfortunately not. Roobet is not permitted in the United States, which is why we have listed a number of different Roobet alternatives for you to try out.

Is Roobet legal?

Not in the US. It is legal in other countries though.

Can I win real money on Roobet or sites like Roobet?

Yes, Roobet does allow you to win real money, it’s a real money online casino! Similarly, any Roobet alternatives we suggest are also real gambling sites giving you access to a wide array of different games and impressive bonuses.

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All Roobet Alternatives

Stake.comStake$1000 (200% DEPOSIT) ReviewGet Bonus
RollbitRollbitVIP REWARDSRollbit ReviewGet Bonus
DuelbitsDuelbitsVIP REWARDSDuelbits ReviewGet Bonus
BetFuryBetFury100 FS + WIN 1 BTCBetFury ReviewGet Bonus