Best Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Programs

Have you ever wondered how an online crypto casino attracts customers? Well, look no further. We explain how you or your business can make a little extra cash by simply adding a link to your website.

What’s a Crypto Casino Affiliate Program?

Crypto casino affiliate programs allow individuals and businesses to make money by referring customers to the casino website. This can be through a link or banner on your own website, or by other promotional methods, such as an email campaign.

If you’re thinking of making a bit of money through an affiliate program, you’ll want to check out all the best deals. Each site offers slightly different benefits to affiliates. Read on to find out what is on offer from each site.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program

In order to choose an affiliate program, you need to consider the way in which commission is calculated. Some crypto casino affiliate programs offer an upfront payment when your new customer signs up and makes a deposit. Others offer ongoing payments based on a revenue share or a turnover percentage.

Another aspect to consider is the tools available for your marketing strategy. What banners are available? Can you request custom features? Will the casino provide special bonus codes to promote your links?

Finally, it’s worth considering when and how you’ll be paid. Do you want to receive crypto or fiat payments? Would you prefer weekly or monthly payments or maybe a more flexible option?

Crypto Casino Affiliate Programs

Read on to find out all the details of the best crypto casino affiliate programs.

1. Bitstarz Affiliate Program

Bitstarz Casino

The BitStarz affiliate program, StarzPartners, offers a generous commission of up to 40% for directing customers to their gambling site. Not only do they offer a commission for providing links to the site, they also have a range of tools for affiliates to use to promote the BitStarz site.

Commission is paid on the net profits BitStarz makes on the players you refer, minus a 25% admin fee. In order to earn commission you must have three referrals with active accounts. The level of commission you receive depends on the total profit the casino makes from your betting referrals.

Commission Rates

  • Less than €5,000 – 25%
  • €5,000 – €10,000 – 30%
  • €10,000 – €20,000 – 35%
  • More than €20,000 – 40%

Payments are made monthly, as long as your commission balance is more than €100 or the equivalent in bitcoin. Balances of less than €100 carry over to the next month.

The BitStarz affiliate program also provides all the promotional material you need to get started as well as a handy guide to how to get the best results. They will create an advertising banner to custom dimensions for your website, and have software for you to manage your campaign. Here you see which approaches are successful and which less so.

StarzPartners’ list of suggestions for promotional materials includes YouTube videos, social media posts and casino reviews. As long as the players you refer have an active account on the site, you continue to earn commission on all the betting profits made by the casino.

2. FortuneJack Affiliate Program

FortuneJack Casino

The FortuneJack casino’s affiliate program offers a very generous commission of up to 60% on casino gambling and additionally, 30% on sports betting. In this program you can also earn commission by recruiting other affiliate program members.

Commission is paid on the net revenue generated by your referrals after payouts and costs are deducted. Payments are made some time in the first 2 weeks of the month for the previous month. Balances of less than 0.02 bitcoin roll over to the next month.

Commission Rates

  • Less than ₿0.1 – 25%
  • ₿0.1 – ₿0.5 – 30%
  • ₿0.5 – ₿2 – 40%
  • ₿2 – ₿5 – 50%
  • More than ₿5 – 60%

These commission bands are subject to change should the value of bitcoin against the US dollar change dramatically. In addition to the above rates, you can earn a 2% commission on any profits made from players referred by any of your affiliate recruits. Profits from sports betting by your referrals earn a commission of between 30%, though this is subject to change at company discretion. The rate can be anywhere between 10% and 30%.

As well as tools to help you promote FortuneJack, this program offers every affiliate a dedicated Account Manager. Before signing up for this program, potential affiliates should know that any website they use to promote the casino will be inspected to ensure the content is suitable. Of all the crypto casino affiliate programs we’ve reviewed this one seems to have the most comprehensive package.

3. mBit Casino Affiliate Program

One of the most generous crypto casino affiliate programs, mBit Casino offers a 6-tier commission structure, depending on the profits generated by your referrals. The scheme is designed so that profits can still be made even if you decide to stop promoting the brand.

As well as promotional tools, mBitpartners offer comprehensive reports so that you can analyze your strategy and see which marketing efforts are most effective.

Commission Rates

  • Less than m₿1,000 – 25%
  • m₿1,000 – m₿3,000 – 30%
  • m₿3,000 – m₿10,000 – 35%
  • m₿10,000 – m₿25,000 – 40%
  • m₿25,000 – m₿50,000 – 45%
  • More than m₿50,000 – 50%

Payments are based on the net profits made by the casino from your referrals’ gambling activities, minus an administration fee. Commission is paid on the first of each month for balances above ₿0.02 or the equivalent in your currency of choice.

You can promote mBit Casino through your website or other promotional means, and banners and promotional advice are provided by the company. However, the company’s terms exclude spamming and dishonest practices in promoting their site.

As long as players are active on the site, you will be able to collect a commission from the profits generated by the casino site.

4. 1xBit Affiliate Program

1xBit Casino

1xBit offers weekly payouts and lifetime commission on profits made from your referrals. As long as they keep playing, you will receive commission. While the percentage rates aren’t as good as some other affiliate programs, the regular weekly payments could be an advantage for some affiliates. The commission is paid on a Tuesday for the previous week, as long as the balance is more than m₿2.

Commission Rates

  • Less than m₿200 – 25%
  • m₿200 – m₿700 – 30%
  • m₿700 – m₿1000 – 35%
  • More than m₿1000 – 40%

All commission rates are based on net profits from all your referrals’ gambling activities.

This affiliate program’s offer includes over 1000 different promotional materials translated into 14 languages. Multi-lingual support is available 24 hours a day and extensive reports are provided. These include detailed information about click-throughs and also player activity. So you can see which players are still playing and which have stopped and target your marking accordingly.

You can also see reports on each individual marketing tool, in order to know which strategies are effective in attracting new registrations. If you require additional marketing materials in different shapes and sizes, the customer service team will create these to your specifications.

Additionally, 1xBit partners offers a dispute resolution scheme where differences between affiliates and the company can be resolved.

5. 7Bit Casino Affiliate Program

7Bit Casino

While the maximum commission rates of this program are not the highest, its lower tier thresholds make 7Bit Casino one of the more attractive crypto casino affiliate programs on offer. All calculations of commissions are based on net gaming revenue, which is calculated from the customer deposits minus payouts, bonuses, admin fees and fraud costs.

Commission is calculated on a monthly basis and payments are made by the 10th day of the following month. In order to be paid the affiliate must either have introduced 5 active accounts in the last three months or have three referrals with active accounts. Accounts with a balance of less than 0.02 bitcoin will carry over to the next month. All payments are made in either euro or bitcoin.

Commission Rates

  • Less than €500 – 25%
  • €500 – €1,000 – 30%
  • €1,000 – €3,000 – 35%
  • €3,000 – €5,000 – 40%
  • More than €5,000 – 45%

The 7BitPartners affiliate program has a library of promotional resources for use by affiliates, and can also produce bespoke resources on request. Another helpful promotional tool is that you can ask for a special bonus for your referrals, which is exclusive to you.

This program allows you to add additional users to your account so that it can be managed by another member of your team. 7BitPartners offers a full range of statistics and reports which can be downloaded as .csv or .xml files. It is also possible to recruit sub-affiliates to your team.

6. Justbit Casino Affiliate Program Casino

The affiliate program sets tiers according to how many new customers the affiliate has brought to the casino, rather than the revenue from gambling. This means as you accumulate more customers, your rate goes up accordingly.

Commission is paid monthly in the first week of the following month as long as the balance is at least €100. You can take your payments by bank transfer or in bitcoin.

Commission Rates

  • Up to 5 Active customers – 25%
  • 6 – 10 Active customers – 30%
  • 11 – 20 Active customers – 35%
  • 21 – 40 Active customers – 40%
  • More than 40 Active customers – 45%

The payments are a percentage of the net profits made from all your customers’ betting activities. That is, their losses minus payouts, jackpot contributions, administration fees, fraud costs and charge-backs. You can continue to collect revenue from customers as long as they are active on the casino site.

Banners and links are available from Just Affiliates for your promotional campaigns and can be used on your website and social media. Your account page has a full range of reports where you can monitor the number of active players you have as well as how much revenue you have accumulated each month.

Before signing up, potential affiliates should check which countries players can access the site from. There is a long list of countries where players are restricted including the United States, Russia and some European countries. So, this would be something to consider in any marketing strategy.

7. Affiliate Program Casino

The Stake Affiliates program uses a slightly different method to calculate commissions than most other cryptocurrency casino affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs use a calculation based on actual profits, minus an administration fee. They then offer a percentage of those profits as a commission payout.

Stake affiliates bases its calculation on the house edge of the entire wagered stake, whether the gamble wins or loses. The commission rate offered is 10% of the house edge of each casino game. So, if a game has a house edge of 1.5%, the affiliate will receive 0.15% of the total amount wagered on that game. The total commission amount is calculated from all the different wagers placed according to the house edge of each game played. Sports betting is considered to have a nominal house edge of 3%.

Commission Rates

  • Casino Bets – 10% of the House Edge
  • Sports Bets – 0.3% – based on a nominal House Edge of 3%

This means the likely payout is going to be in the region of 0.1% to 0.5% of the total amount wagered, which seems to be substantially less generous than other similar crypto casino affiliate programs, which offer up to 60% of profits – essentially the house edge is the profit! Of course, other sites are deducting admin fees and other charges, but that doesn’t seem to off-set the very low commission rate.

One advantage of the Stake Affiliates program is that there is no minimum monthly withdrawal limit, so you will get paid every month however small the commission.

8. Oshi Casino Affiliate Program

Oshi Casino

The Oshi Casino bitcoin affiliate program offers up to 50% commission with a tier system based on the number of customers the affiliate attracts. Payments will be made on a monthly basis before the 10th day of the following month. One big advantage of the Oshi affiliates program is the low minimum payout rate of €20. Any balance under €20 will carry over to the next month.

Even the lowest tier of payments offers 35% of the net profit generated by the gambling activities of all your customers. The highest rate is a fairly generous 50% of net profits.

Commission Rates

  • Up to 9 Active customers – 30%
  • 10 – 19 Active customers – 35%
  • 20 – 40 Active customers – 40%
  • 41 – 60 Active customers – 45%
  • More than 60 Active customers – 50%

The company provides custom promotional materials including personalized banners and landing pages. Bespoke artwork is also available on request and Oshi Affiliates offers customer service by email and Skype.

The Oshi Affiliates rules state that their promotional links must be given the same priority as other sales links on the affiliate’s website and all websites will be vetted for content. If you want to send emails as part of your marketing strategy, you must gain permission first.

This affiliate program also offers a full range of analytical tools and reports, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. This includes tracking the activity of individual referrals and monitoring the revenue generated.

9. Cloudbet Affiliate Program

Cloudbet Casino

The Cloudbet affiliate program offers a hybrid commission system based on a revenue share of the casino gambling and a turnover-based system for sports betting. This hybrid model offers the best of both worlds and compares reasonably favorably with other crypto casino affiliate programs. There is also an option to change to a full revenue share model after 3 months.

Another advantage is that there are no admin fees deducted from the net profit, so you’re getting a share of the whole profit, not just a slice of it. There is no fixed payment schedule so fee-free withdrawals can be made at any time. However, payments are only made in bitcoin.

Commission Rates

  • Casino Bets – 30% of net profits.
  • Sports Bets – 0.2% of turnover

There are no tiered levels at Cloudbet. Everybody gets the same rate of commission.

A full selection of marketing tools is available including banners, links, bespoke landing pages and exclusive bonus codes. There is a Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Manager who you can contact by email or Skype for assistance with your account. This personal service and the opportunity to discuss your commission arrangements make Cloudbet a good choice.

10. BC.Game Affiliate Program

BC.Game Casino

The BC.Game affiliate program offers a hybrid payment scheme which includes a payment for each new customer referred and an ongoing commission. For each player you send to BC.Game, you’ll receive payments amounting to $100. There are no tiers in this affiliate program, just a single payment rate for every affiliate.

Commission Rates

  • Per Player Payment – a total of $100 for each new player.
  • Ongoing Commission – 25% of the house edge.

The commission is based on the turnover of all of your referrals and is a share of the house edge. For example, if the house edge for a game is 3%, you get 0.75% of all the money staked on that game. All payments are made in bitcoin and withdrawals can be made at any time.

While at first it looks like a $100 one-off payment for each customer you recruit, further investigation shows that this payment is made in small increments as the player moves up the levels of the VIP program.

There is little information on the website about the tools available to potential affiliates for marketing. However, it does state that affiliates whose players reach a wagering total of a billion dollars can get their own customized casino website!

11. BetChain Affiliate Program

BetChain Casino

The BetChain affiliate program offers a percentage of net profits as commission to its partners. There are only two tiers in this program which means that new members get a relatively high rate, but there is little opportunity for improvement early on. The commission is calculated from net gaming revenue which consists of all wagered deposits minus payouts, bonuses, admin fees, and fraud costs.

Commission Rates

  • Less than €10,000 – 30%
  • More than €10,000 – 40%

Payments are made in the first week of every month for the previous month. The minimum payment amount depends on the currency and payment method you choose.

BetChain Affiliates offers a good selection of tools to use on websites, social media, and email campaigns. As well as banners in all shapes and sizes, bonuses and promotions are available to entice players in. The program also sends a monthly newsletter with all the latest news, so you can be the first to spread the words about updates.


Which affiliate program you choose really depends on what factors are most important for you and how many players you think you can attract. If you expect to have a lot of players making small deposits, a scheme with tiers based on the number of players might be best. When you’re uncertain, choose a program with lower-tier thresholds, so that you will progress faster through the ranks.

Cryptocurrency Casino Affiliate FAQs

Can I be a member of more than one affiliate scheme?

Yes, there are no restrictions at all on how many crypto casino affiliate programs you can join. However, you might want to have more than one website too. Some affiliate programs like to inspect your website before accepting you to the scheme. Not all will be happy seeing their rivals’ advertising.

Will my commission be paid into my bank account?

How the commission is paid really depends which program you choose. Some sites pay only in crypto and others offer a choice of crypto and fiat currencies. If you are concerned about how you’ll be paid, check out the terms before you sign up. An email to the customer service should clear up any doubts.

Can I get help to run my campaign?

Yes, almost every affiliate program has resources to help you get started. Some even offer a dedicated manager. If you feel a bit at a loss for where to start, take a look at the FAQs on the website. There is usually also an option to contact a support desk for advice on how to add banners and links to your website.