The most competitiveesport countries

Esports has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, with the Commonwealth Games even taking steps to introducing competitive gaming as a medal event, including Rocket League, eFootball, and Dota 2 each hosting women’s and open categories at the Birmingham games.

But which countries around the world enjoy the greatest success from competitive gaming, and earn the most from esports? With competitive gaming now worth billions of dollars and becoming increasingly popular around the world, we delved into data to reveal the most successful nations based on esports earnings. To find out how each country ranks head on over to the map by clicking the button below.

The Most Competitive Esport Countries Casino Crypts

Top 50 Countries

  • 1.China
  • 2.United States

United States

  • $208,358,286.12
  • 22072 Players
  • Fortnite
  • Kyle Giersdorf
Amount Won
Number of players
Highest earning game
Highest earning player