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Finding a good crypto casino site for playing Roulette with live dealers can be difficult, that’s why here at, we’ve put together a list of our top live dealer Bitcoin roulette sites for Canada-based players to start playing at. Featuring some of the best bonuses and unbiased reviews – you’ll need not look anywhere else.

Top Live Dealer Bitcoin Roulette Sites List (June 2024)

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mBitmBit Casino6 BTC + 100 FREE SPINSmBit ReviewGet Bonus
BitStarzBitStarz5 BTC + 205 FSBitStarz ReviewGet Bonus
Stake.comStake$1000 (200% DEPOSIT) ReviewGet Bonus
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Justbit.ioJustbit0.01 BTC + 55 ReviewGet Bonus

Roulette is the classic casino game. Now, this old favorite is entering the crypto era. Bitcoin gambling is a fast-growing market. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are unfamiliar with live crypto roulette online. Our guide should keep you right.

Live Dealer Crypto Roulette

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin regards itself as the world’s first cryptocurrency. The original Bitcoin whitepaper appeared in October 2008, and the network started on January 3, 2009.

Over time, BTC has evolved into the most widely recognized and accepted cryptocurrency. Based on a peer-to-peer model, its supporters believe it has big advantages over fiat currency. Prominent crypto investor and blogger Sylvain Saurel outlined several key benefits of Bitcoin, including anonymous transactions and greater freedom over how and where you spend your funds.

Live Bitcoin & Crypto Roulette

The big attraction of any crypto is that it can substitute for traditional money in almost any transaction you can think of. Of course, that includes gambling. Indeed, with its inbuilt anonymity and the lack of third-party involvement, it’s ideally suited to wagering at a suitable casino.

So why are more and more punters moving into Bitcoin casino games? Some are reassured by the lack of red tape, especially in territories where gambling is restricted. Others feel that the reliable record of every transaction on the blockchain gives genuine security for every wager. Many also enjoy the speed of depositing or withdrawing funds, since BTC can be moved far more quickly than old-school bank transfers.

However, there are some potential shortcomings. Because cryptocurrency is relatively new, BTC remains a highly volatile commodity. With any gamble, there’s an element of risk and bettors are well-advised not to stake funds they cannot afford to lose.

How to play

There is little difference between live crypto roulette and the familiar dollar-denominated versions. Depending on your chosen crypto casino, you will find a range of different tables to accommodate your preferred stake.

The gameplay is the same as in a real-life casino. Before each spin of the wheel, you can stake on which number or which area of the wheel you think will come up. If you stick to the low-risk outside bets — red/black, odd/even — each win doubles your initial stake. At the other end of the scale, putting everything on a single number (I tend to go for my birthday) brings 35x your stake. Most players like to combine a mix of ‘safe’ outside bets and lucrative straights, splits, streets or corners.

A winning strategy

Whatever bets you place, remember that the house has a big edge in roulette. In European roulette, with one ‘zero’ pocket, the edge is 2.7%. American roulette, with two ‘zero’ pockets on the table, pushes that edge to 5.4%. In short, you’re unlikely to beat the house over the long term.

However, there are a few popular strategies that might deliver short-term success.

  • The Martingale. It’s simple to understand. Bet on red. If you lose, double your stake and bet on red again. Eventually, red will come in, and you’ll turn a profit equivalent to your original stake. Problem is, you can quickly find your stake grows to a huge number. Eventually, you risk running out of money or hitting the table’s limit.
  • The reverse Martingale. Instead of doubling up when you lose, double up when you win. When that successful run comes to an end, go back to your starting stake.
  • Fibonacci. Again, this extracts maximum value from winning streaks. Start with a $1 bet on an even money bet. When you win, go to the next number in the Fibonacci series. Continue to climb the series until your winning streak ends, then go back to one. The Fibonacci series looks like this: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34 and onwards, always adding the previous two numbers to get the next one.

Choosing a casino

There are many options out there for live crypto roulette. Our shortlist highlights some of the best for you.

Before signing up to any site, check out the details. Does it offer a good sign-up bonus, and is there is a VIP club for regular gamblers? What are users saying on review sites and social media? Is it a user-friendly experience when you navigate the site?

Also, look at what else is on offer. You might want a range of other casino games and slots, or you might be keen to combine roulette with a sportsbook.

Most important, ensure your site is properly registered and regulated by a legitimate authority. That guarantees you a safe, secure gambling experience.


Is live Bitcoin roulette safe?

Like any online gambling game, it depends on your platform. For the safest service, make sure your casino is registered and regulated by a recognized authority. Any legitimate site will mention this in its FAQs.

How is crypto roulette different from ordinary roulette?

It isn’t. The only difference is that you gamble in BTC, not fiat currency. The gameplay is just the same.

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